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In the South, it’s often joked that there’s a church on every corner. How can you decide which one is right for you after you move to the River Region? Here are our top tips for finding a new church in the River Region, or anywhere really. 

1. Look closely at each church’s beliefs.

There are plenty of great churches in our area to choose from, so you shouldn’t have to compromise on your beliefs when you’re looking for the right fit. Really take into account their standards and beliefs about God, salvation, and eternity. If your beliefs don’t line up with a specific church’s beliefs, it’s more than okay to keep looking. 

2. Think about your entire family.

It’s extremely important to think about the needs of you and your entire family when you’re looking for a new church in a new area. Take some time to examine each church’s discipleship programs and mission opportunities. This will help you and your family decide on the best church that will allow you all to worship, grow, and actively serve. 

3. Determine your style of worship.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are tons of churches in the River Region, and they all have their own unique programs and styles of worship. Do you prefer a small or a large group setting? Do you prefer traditional or contemporary worship? There are lots of things to consider when it comes to finding the church that best suits your individual style of worship. Once you determine your style of worship, it’ll be easier to find a place where you can make new friends, belong, and grow spiritually. 

4. Call a few churches during your search.

If you want to get more information about a church, one of the best things you can do is give them a call. Most churches will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have, and some will even send you a welcome kit with more information if you just ask for it. 

5. Visit a few churches before choosing.

It’s also important to actually visit a few churches before you officially decide which one you and your family will call home. This will give you a chance to see the church in action, meet the members, and get a general feel for whether or not the church will work out for you in the long run. Try visiting each church on your list more than once so you can really determine if you can see yourself being a member there. 

6. Ask around for recommendations.

There’s nothing better than a personal testimonial! Ask your new neighbors or friends where they go to church. You can even ask your previous church leadership if they have any recommendations in your new area. 

Still need a little guidance? No problem! Here’s a mini-guide to some of the best churches the River Region has to offer. 

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Aldersgate is a vibrant, multi-generational church with a small-town feel. This church offers traditional and contemporary worship services. They also offer engaging youth ministries, mission trips, small groups, and so much more. 

Christchurch Anglican

Christchurch is a Bible-based and sacramental church that celebrates Christian tradition by engaging in worship practices that link its members to the early days of Church life. They worship with both traditional and modern music, and they offer programs that will help every member of the family grow closer to God. 

Eastern Hills Baptist Church

Eastern Hills is a multi-generational church that aims to help its members walk alongside the Lord through teaching and preaching about the Bible. This church has valuable ministries for every member of the family. There’s also a choir group for every age. 

First Baptist Church

First Baptist is a great church for anyone who’s looking for the opportunity to worship the Lord and care for others. All church practices are based on Bible principles here. There are also tons of missions and ministries available, from small groups for single adults to children’s choirs. 

Frazer United Methodist Church

Frazer is a diverse community of faith where everyone is welcome to find hope and follow Jesus. This church offers both traditional and contemporary worship, plus small groups and missions to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Hispanic and Chinese services are offered, along with Korean and ASL translations. 

Providence Presbyterian Church 

Providence is a place for all to worship! Their worship is traditional in style and relevant to issues facing the world today. Plus, they have ministries and small groups for each member of the family. They even offer in-depth classes for both adults and children. 

Saint James Church 

Saint James offers an atmosphere for dynamic traditional and contemporary worship, amazing family and recreational ministries, and meaningful opportunities to give back to the community and serve God. They are especially supportive of the military community.

Taylor Road Baptist Church 

Taylor Road Baptist Church wants all who take part in their ministry to have a clear mind for God’s wisdom, an open heart for God’s love, and a willing hand for God’s service. They offer Bible study classes and life groups for adults, students, and children. 

Thorington Road Baptist Church 

Thorington Road Baptist Church offers worship services throughout the week for adults and children. They also offer small groups for adults, students, and children. 

Trinity Presbyterian Church 

Trinity has played a vital role in the River Region for more than 125 years. Discipleship, mutual accountability, and godly disciplines are the most important parts of Trinity’s overall mission and beliefs. This church offers dynamic ministry opportunities for youth, children, and adults.