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6 Southern Thanksgiving Traditions

We do things a little differently in the South when it comes to Thanksgiving. Here’s your quick guide to a few Southern Thanksgiving traditions. 

1. Everyone helps out in the kitchen.

No matter who you are or whose house you’re going to for Thanksgiving this year, it’s important that you show up ready to do a little bit of work in the kitchen. Even if it’s something as simple as slicing the cranberry sauce, everyone does their part to pitch in for dinner. You can even get the kids involved with simple tasks like loading the dishwasher and scrubbing vegetables. 

2. There’s always a blessing.

A traditional Southern Thanksgiving meal always starts with a blessing that covers what everyone has to be thankful for. Some families choose to go around the table and give individual blessings, while some choose to designate one person. 

3. It’s “dressing”, not “stuffing.”

Down South, even if it’s stuffed in the turkey, we still call it “dressing.” It’s official, according to Southern Living

P.S. Check out this awesome recipe for traditional Southern cornbread dressing! 

4. Bacon goes in and on everything.

If you haven’t already noticed, we love our bacon here in the South. Thanksgiving is no exception, so don’t be surprised when you find bacon in and on your green beans, mashed potatoes, and a variety of other dishes. 

5. Gravy also goes on everything.

Again, don’t be surprised when you see your friends and family pouring gravy on pretty much any dish on the Thanksgiving table. Here’s a great recipe for traditional Southern gravy. 

6. Dessert always includes a variety of pies.

It’s just not a true Southern Thanksgiving without a spread of pies to choose from when it’s time for dessert. Popular choices include pecan, apple, sweet potato, and pumpkin. 

Want to learn even more about Thanksgiving in the South? Check out this blog post!