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Control the Pests

Every location comes with its own variation of vermin. You may encounter issues with pests in the River Region that you’ve never dealt with before. We are here to help you identify and prevent the local pests!    

What are the most common local pests?  

We deal with termites year-round. Ants, mice, and roaches are also very common in the River Region. 

What can I do to prevent fleas?  

The first step in flea prevention is to have your pets professionally treated.  Fleas need a host to feed. If you keep their host treated, they’re less likely to become a problem inside. Additionally, you should vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!  

How do I prevent roaches/palmetto bugs? 

As with any pest, exclusion is best. Anything you can do to prevent a pest from entering your home is the best start. These large roaches are drawn to light, so remember to keep your blinds closed at night. Additionally, changing outside lights to sodium vapor bulbs will prevent attracting not only roaches but many different pests to your home. 

What pests should I watch out for?  

Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are the two most dangerous spiders we deal with in the River Region. With all pests, identification is key. Black widow spiders are recognizable by the orange hourglass shape on their abdomen. Brown recluse spiders are identified by a “fiddle” shape on their back. 

What is a termite bond and is it really necessary?  

There are two types of homes in Alabama; those that have termites, and those that are going to get termites! We recommend that all homes have protection from termites. There are two main types of guarantees—a Retreatment Guarantee and a Damage Replacement Guarantee. A Retreatment Guarantee generally covers control of the termites that may infest your home, but it does not offer anything for the repair of damage. A Damage Replacement Guarantee offers control of the termites and also offers the customer the guarantee of having damage repaired.  

Neal Boyer 

Neal is the Sales Department Manager with Cook’s Pest Control in Montgomery. He has been with Cook’s for nearly 10 years. He grew up in the River Region, having graduated from Prattville High School, and going on to attend Troy University Montgomery. He and his wife of 13 years currently live in Deatsville with their two daughters. Neal has a passion to serve the communities of the River Region, and a heart for his customers.