Getting connected is your first step to getting settled. We’ve got everything listed that you need to know to get your family connected to utilities and cable. As a new resident, you’ll need to get your driver’s license and tags within 30 days. We’ve also got tips for local landscapes and pest control.


Driver’s License

New Alabama residents must obtain a driver’s license within 30 days of entering the state. Driver’s licenses are available from the driver’s license examiner’s office listed below. If you have a valid out-or-state driver’s license, you do not have to take the written or road test, but you are required to take an eye exam. The cost for the out-of-state transfer fee is $28.00 cash (NOTE: These requirements are for a regular Class D license only.) If you do not have a valid out-of-state license, you are required to take a written exam and road test as well as the eye exam. The cost of a new license/renewal for Alabama state residents is $23.00.

You must bring with you:

  • Current Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card (name should match that of the Driver’s License)
  • State issued Birth Certificate or Passport
  • If your name has changed, bring marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Driver’s License Examiner’s Office
1040 Coliseum Boulevard

101 East Tallassee St.

Prattville: 165 West 5th St.

Vehicle Registration / Tags

Vehicle titles must be transferred and Alabama automobile license plates obtained within 30 days of establishing residency.  You must go to the county Probate Office to transfer your plates.

For new residents to Alabama, you will need the following to transfer your tag:

  • Your car
  • The title or copy of the original title
  • If it is a lien, the lien holder’s name and complete address and loan account number
  • Bill of sale
  • Identification of person it is registered to

For new residents who have moved from another Alabama county and need to renew a license tag, you must provide one of the following:

  • Renewal notice from previous Alabama county
  • Previous year’s renewal notice from the previous Alabama county
  • Title of the vehicle for which registration is provided

Boat / Vessel Registration

Alabama does require a license to operate a boat or vessel. For information on licensing requirements and fees for Boat and Vessel registration you may call or visit one of the offices listed above under Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration/Tags.

Voter Registration

Remembering to register to vote in your new community is important. There is no length-of-residence requirement to vote in Montgomery, Autauga or Elmore counties.  However, you must have a driver’s license and local residence to register.   Voter registration must be completed at the County Courthouse 10 days before any election to vote in that election. Special assistance for people with disabilities is available.

To register:

Online through the Secretary of State’s website:

Montgomery County
The County Administration Building: 100 S. Lawrence St, or any public library or probate office.

Autauga County
The county courthouse in Prattville, the probate office, or any public library.

Elmore County
The county courthouse in Wetumpka, the probate office or any public library.

Board of Registrars
Montgomery County Administrative Building

100 S. Lawrence Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration has two locations in Montgomery County. For general information and services, visit SSA offices at 2450 Presidents Drive, Montgomery, AL, 36116, or call 334-223-7183 or 1-800-772-1213.

Utility and Cable Services


Alabama Power Company
244 Dexter Avenue
, Montgomery, AL 36104

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 681570, 
Prattville, AL 36068

Dixie Electric Cooperative
10613 Troy Highway
, Pike Road, AL 36064

Natural Gas

Alabama Gas Corporation (Alagasco)
235 Lee Street
, Montgomery , AL 36752

163 E. Main St, Prattville AL

Southern Natural Gas Co.
Cook Road
, Wetumpka, AL

To hookup Natural Gas, please provide mailing address, street address, home and work phone numbers and Social Security number.

Telephone & Cable


Business Customers

1637 Eastern Blvd., 
Montgomery, Al. 36117

Charter Communications
5990 Monticello Drive
, Montgomery, AL 36117

Water & Garbage

Montgomery Water Works & Sanitary Sewer Board
22 Bibb Street
, Montgomery, AL 36752

To apply for new service, customers must complete a new service application and (1) bring a copy of the mortgage, lease or deed of purchase, (2) full name and picture identification for persons listed on the mortgage, deed or other proof of purchase, (3) Social Security numbers, (4) valid US driver’s license or other identification.

Hookup is the following day and requires a deposit, $100 minimum, as security against future charges.  This can be waived for residential customers who are active military personnel, have had a previous year of service or establish an automatic bank draft for monthly bill payment.

Montgomery Sanitation Department
934 N. Ripley Street, 
Montgomery, AL 36104

Wetumpka Water Works and Sewer Board,
Wetumpka Garbage Collection,
Montgomery Water Works
2909 Elmore Road, Wetumpka AL

A minimum of $40 deposit required.  Charges are based on a percentage of the water bill.

Sunflower Waste and Sunflower Landfill
1303 Washington Blvd., Tallassee

For weekly curbside household garbage pick up, a container will be provided after completion of the service agreement and required deposit of $25.00. In addition, three packages may be set out and will be picked up.

Prattville Water Works Board
114 E. Main St., Prattville, AL

There is a $25 service fee, which can typically be billed and no deposit.  Customers need to provide current and previous addresses, information on prior service and Social Security number.  A lease is helpful, although not required.

Millbrook  Water and Sewer Department
334-285-3001, 334-567-8404

Water service and distribution depend on the address.  Some residents have water service through the Elmore county line, while others have service through a tri-county line.


City of Montgomery Recycling Division
934 N. Ripley Street, 
Montgomery, AL 36104

Recycling Locations:

Millbrook Recycling Commission
The city recycles newspaper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum, but not glass.

Prattville Recycling Center
122 Ridgewood Road, 334-361-3611
Center accepts aluminum, paper, plastic, glass and cardboard.

Wetumpka Recycle Center
205 E. Charles Avenue, 334-567-1334
Curbside recycling is available within city limits on Friday.

Cable Services

Charter Communications
Providing service to: Prattville, Montgomery and some other outlying areas.
5990 Monticello Drive
, Montgomery, AL 36117

Providing service to: Montgomery, some parts of Prattville & Wetumpka.
1637 Eastern Blvd.
, Montgomery, Al. 36117

Brighthouse Networks
Providing service to: Wetumpka, Millbrook, Tallassee, Military Bases, Greenville, Fort Deposit.
3996 US Hwy 231, Wetumpka, AL 36093,

High-Speed Internet

1637 Eastern Blvd., 
Montgomery, Al. 36117

AT&T Fast Access Internet

Charter Communications
5990 Monticello Drive
, Montgomery, AL 36117