Whether you’re a native southerner or arriving below the Mason Dixon for the first time, you probably already know that down here we have a reputation for a warm, welcoming food culture. Montgomery’s food scene is complete with long-time favorites as well as new and exciting restaurants. Here’s a brief insider’s guide to get your culinary explorations started!


Southern Staples

Some dishes are southern dinner-table mascots that are must-eats. Chicken Salad Chick offers fifteen different styles of the traditional southern entrée for which it is named. Try “Classic Carol,” the recipe that started it all or give “Sassy Scotty” and “Fruity Fran” a whirl. This might be the first city you’ve lived in with “meat and three’s.” It is exactly what it sounds like: a plate featuring protein, such as southern fried chicken or catfish, meat loaf, or a pork chop in combination with three sides of your choice usually ranging from collard greens, field peas, fried okra, mac and cheese or the classic fried green tomatoes. Ask a local and you might be referred toSundown East on Atlanta Highway, Martin’s in Old Cloverdale/Midtown, or the Farmers Market Café downtown.


All in the Family

Our city is chock-full of dining options that are perfect for the entire family. Newk’s Eatery is fresh, fast, tasty and conveniently located on Vaughn Road near Taylor Road. Mom can enjoy a fresh, hearty salad or warm comforting soup, Dad can fill up on their robust sandwiches, and the kids will love the perfectly sized personal pizzas. And no one can turn down the legendary mac and cheese On pizza night, round up the crew and discover a local pizzeria that will surpass your expectations at Midtown Pizza Kitchen—lovingly known by locals as “MPK.” Chef Christophe Zagaglia draws on his experience coming from Rome, Italy to craft thin crust artisan pizzas packed with flavor and arguably the most authentic pasta dishes in the area. Locations in Montgomery, and in Prattville.


Score One for the Home Team

Priority number one for sports fans in a new city is locating the best sports bars to watch the big game. Make sure you check out Twin Peaks at Eastchase before the next coin toss! Besides their dozens of TVs, they have 100+ menu items, great beer and friendly fans!.


Farm to Table Freshness

Sweetcreek Farm Market and Cafe is a farm-to-table market where they sell local, fresh produce, signature sandwiches, homemade ice cream, fresh baked goods and gifts. EVERYTHING is homemade! Located in Pike Road, this is a feel good kind of place. Enjoy the open air market while the kiddos chase the chickens around. Stop here and shop some of the freshest local goods available.