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Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians, along the Coosa River, Wetumpka is appropriately known as the “City of Natural Beauty”. Thanks to the six-mile stretch of whitewater rapids, developed hiking and mountain biking trails and lakes, it is also a haven for outdoor recreation lovers. Wetumpka is located in Elmore County, the third fastest growing county in the state.

The archaeological significance found in Wetumpka is staggering, as Wetumpka was home to the most cataclysmic geological event in the area. Some 83.4 million years ago, a meteor slammed into the shallow sea that covered this entire region. Today, its remains are showcased in the four-mile-diameter crater that the impact left behind, with the city’s historic downtown cradled in its basin.

Wetumpka’s historic downtown district is listed on the “National Register of Historic Places”. Visitors will enjoy the Elmore County Museum, Elmore County Museum of Black History, 1931 court house and distinctive Bibb Graves Bridge, three
pre-Civil War antebellum churches and historic homes.

Outdoor recreation remains Wetumpka’s focus in terms of economic development. The Coosa River offers white water sports for the beginner and the skilled competitor. The blue-green waters of 44,000-acre Lake Martin are only 20 minutes away, as are the shores of smaller Lake Jordan (a mere 10-minute drive), and both offer not only magnificent options for the home buyer, but endless opportunities for boating, fishing and other recreational activities.