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Located in eastern Montgomery County, the Town of Pike Road is a growing small town with a vision that builds a solid future on the area’s rich history. With a population of 5,406 according to the 2010 Census, the Town of Pike Road experienced phenomenal growth during the past decade. Town leaders attribute that growth to the excitement and passion inspired by the unique mix of old and new within the town’s boundaries.

Made up of more than 40 distinct neighborhoods, the Town of Pike Road includes some of the River Region’s oldest settlements. Among those settlements is the original Pike Road community, begun with the arrival of the Marks, Mathews and Meriwether families around 1815.

In an effort to preserve a rich heritage and plan wisely for the future, the Town of Pike Road incorporated in 1997, nearly two centuries after the first settlers arrived in the community. The commitment to planning was identified by residents in 2005 as one of four priorities for the future work of the town. The town is now a mix of beautiful new neighborhoods and lovely historic communities, both of which contribute to the hometown feeling generations have sought in moving to the area.

The first phase of the Pike Road Natural Trail system was completed in fall 2011 and is ideal for walkers, runners and off-road bicyclists.

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone wants residents and others to think of the Town of Pike Road as the River Region’s old-fashioned hometown where citizen input drives future priorities. “Our town’s motto is ‘Welcome Home,’” said Stone. “These words exemplify the spirit of this town and the feeling we try to give everyone who comes through the door of Town Hall.”
Introduced early in 2012, the ENHANCE initiative combines the strategic efforts of the town with the work of nine citizen groups to increase citizen involvement and leadership. In Pike Road, there’s a place for every resident to be active and involved.


After nearly two decades since first introducing the plan to launch a school system in Pike Road, the small town east of Montgomery finally opened the doors of the Pike Road School system serving over 1140 students, Kindergarten through 8th grade students.
The Pike Road Board of Education hopes to spark intellectual curiosity and inspire students’ creativity through an innovative approach to learning called “The Pike Road Way.” It embraces project-based learning to solve real problems that prepare them for team-oriented workplaces where innovation and creativity are valued. There are also plans to add 9th-12th grade and talk about adding a second school in the community.

Kadie Crowell, a representative in Pike Road said, “There are plans to add a grade each year, so this year we’ll add 9th grade and the year after that, we’ll add 10th grade and so on. The first class will graduate in 2020.”
An initial 54 educators were chosen as faculty out of more than 500 applicants from around the region. According to Pike Road Schools Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Freeman, the new teachers help “bring learning to life”
with their real world experiences.
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