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Only 10 minutes from Montgomery in Elmore County and easily accessible by Interstate 65, Millbrook is a young city that’s proud to be a great place to live. Its “wholesome, country” atmosphere lends a true sense of community and highlights its natural beauty, all while offering the relaxing lifestyle of a small city with the conveniences of the nearby Montgomery metropolitan area right at hand. The city consistently ranks among the fastest growing cities in Alabama, with its estimated 2011 population of 14,639 in the incorporated area representing a 41-percent increase since 2000.

This influx of new residents has spurred unprecedented residential building in recent decades, which in turn attracted new commercial and retail development. City leaders are thrilled with Millbrook’s growth and diligently work to make sure that services meet and exceed needs. And as more and more people discover the allure of the good life in Millbrook, the community spirit of this close-knit city flourishes.

Millbrook Mayor Al Kelley elaborated. “Community in Millbrook is the kindred spirit, the thread that binds all of us together. It is the annual barbecues, parades and fireworks shows. For those who live it, breathe it and expect it, it is dear and important. This sense of community and the high quality of life it provides is also one of my responsibilities, and I take it very seriously.”

The great outdoors plays a prominent role in Millbrook’s quality of life, with nature’s beauty celebrated at six well-equipped and maintained public parks that provide recreational options for all ages. Multiple other outdoor activities are enjoyed at facilities atnearby lakes and waterways, including the Alabama River and scenic Lakes Martin and Jordan.

The most significant asset in the Millbrook area is the Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF). Its headquarters are located on the grounds of the historic Lanark estate only one mile from city hall. AWF offers a top-notch conservation education facility called “The Alabama Nature Center” with miles of diverse nature trails, a pavilion and exceptional programs and events for schools and the public.

Today, ease of access is paving the way for prosperity. With substantial land areas in which to expand and develop highly trafficked commercial sites, Millbrook’s future is very bright. A booming residential building campaign, which began in the 1990s, continues today and is largely responsible for Millbrook’s current high rate of population growth. Millbrook, one of the fastest growing cities in the state, is proud of its past and confident about the future.