RezFit Fitness & Wellness Studio


Resolution Camps would like to welcome you to the rebirth of fitness and wellness. Fitness and wellness is a way of life in which every individual should want to try and incorporate in his or her daily lives. As Resolution Camp’s desire is to assist groups of individuals to help transform their temple (body), we will also notice that their confidence and self-esteem will begin to flourish. We are a service provider that focuses on providing resistance training, endurance, muscle building, core strengthening, and toning. These regiments combined help develop – muscle tone, definition, strength, and stamina. As you explore the services provided, remember we are trying to help you make a commitment to progress to a better way of life.

Locations in Montgomery and Prattville.

3440 Atlanta Highway- Montgomery location, in the Forest Hills Shopping Center

1332 South Memorial Drive, Prattville location