Moving to a new home can be stressful for all involved, even our four-legged friends. Many dogs and cats will settle in just fine, but for some, it can be a time filled with anxiety. Dr. Steven Sirmon of Partners for Pets Veterinary Hospital shares a few steps that may help alleviate some stress for your pet:

1. STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. Sometimes, moving to a new house means new amenities for you as the owners, so you may be tempted to buy new things for your pets as well. However, keeping some old toys and bedding may help your pet feel more at home. It can also be helpful to try and keep as many old routines for your pet as possible.

2. TLC FOR YOUR BFF. This may seem obvious, but lots of love and patience will go a long way. Playing with your pets in the house can make them feel more comfortable amongst the new smells and surroundings, so you may want to consider giving a little extra TLC during this time. Don’t get frustrated- like we mentioned in the beginning, most dogs and cats adjust well!

3. TO MEDICATE OR NOT TO MEDICATE? We get many calls and questions about medications for anxiety. Sometimes medication is necessary, but usually steps taken at home to work on behavior adjustment/management is much more effective.

Please give us a call at Partners for Pets Veterinary Hospital if you have questions or concerns about relocating your pet, because at Partners for Pets, “You’re always family.”

Dr. Steven M. Sirmon completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Sciences and went on to earn his Doctorate from the Auburn University College of
Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sirmon and his wife Kellie are the proud parents of four children, Hadley, Harper, Josie, and Jace. They share their family home with three sweet cats named Storm, Silver, and Stripes.

Dr. Frank Aman was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. After studying Zoology in undergraduate studies and earning a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2010, he moved back to the River Region to serve the people and community he loves. He and his wife Laura have 2 boys, Frank and John Carter, and a Boykin Spaniel named Tyson.