There are a number of reasons why Montgomery is a great place to retire, especially for the military. Being a veteran, I’m very glad I came back.

With Maxwell-Gunter AFB in our backyard, we have access to the services we have become accustomed to while on active duty, as well as the Veterans Administration offices and hospital. Military retirement pay can go a long way here. Let’s face it—most of us don’t actually retire from working upon leaving the military, so combining your current income with military retirement pay leads to a higher standard of living. After the military, I was interested in flexing my entrepreneurial spirit. Montgomery is very small business-friendly. We have a robust Chamber of Commerce that is interested in the success of small businesses. Since retiring from the military in 2003, I was able to purchase a Jani-King Janitorial franchise, along with my wife and my sister. That venture allowed my wife and I to open our second small business, Little Red Cupcake. We are living out our dreams right here in Montgomery, and you can too!

Frederick Johnson was born in Montgomery and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1980. He retired from the Navy in 2003, and went on to purchase a Jani-King franchise and open Little Red Cupcake Gourmet Cupcakery. His secret to success is simple: “Get knowledge. It’s yours to keep.”