Why should you buy local? See what Karen and Reed Ingram, owners of SweetCreek Farm Market and Cafe, have to say:

  • Local produce is fresh and healthier for you. Store-bought produce travels an average distance of 1500 miles from farm to table. Buying from your local farmer or farm market means that your food has travelled over less distance for less time, and has retained more nutrients and quality. Get to know your local farmers, and ask questions about how their food is grown. Was it grown sustainably? When was it harvested?   
  • Local produce is in season.  Produce purchased in season is higher in nutritional value. The amount of important antioxidants found in produce, such as Vitamin C and folate, can decline when the produce is stored for long periods of time. Buying local means that your food has not been gassed, irradiated, or preserved in wax to extend its shelf life. Bonus: Learning to eat in season reconnects you with nature’s growing cycles.
  • Buying local supports the local economy.   Alabama farmers work very hard to cultivate quality products. Supporting them ensures they can continue to do what they love: growing crops sustainably and responsibly. It also ensures that you receive the best and freshest food available. The money spent with local farmers and growers stays in our community, and it is reinvested in local businesses. This is an easy way so support your community’s economy. Buy local, Alabama!

    Karen and Reed Ingram are the owners of SweetCreek Farm Market and Cafe in Pike Road, Alabama. You will often find them both greeting their guests, serving others, or working events at SweetCreek- they are very hands-on. Karen and Reed have two sons, Chase and Garrett, who are also entrepreneurs.