It’s never too early to think about your health—Alexander Pediatrics shares their top healthy habits to teach your kids.

EAT BREAKFAST. It can be easy to forget about breakfast in the midst of getting ready for school or other activities in the morning. However, it’s the most important meal of the day! Make sure to include some protein to boost your child’s energy and keep them going throughout the day.

GET MOVING. Simply being active for 30 minutes a few days a week will get your child’s heart pumping, help their muscles and bones grow, and make them feel good! Fun activities to get kids
moving include dancing, swimming, and riding a bicycle.

EAT TOGETHER. Teach your kids that mealtime means family time. This can help to prevent excessive weight gain, as well as improve their social and emotional health. You might even want to go a step further and have the kids help you cook and prepare the meal.

PRACTICE MODERATION. Snacking isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Encourage your kids to choose healthy snacks, such as yogurt, fruits, cheese, or peanut butter. When it’s time for a more sugary treat, remind them to practice moderation and not overindulge.

AVOID SODAS. Try to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages. One soda has almost as much sugar as a candy bar. Cutting back on sodas can make a huge difference in weight control and weight loss.

It all comes down to this principle: Be healthy now so you can live healthy for years to come! Your children are watching you. So, be a good example to them. Teaching your kids healthy habits at a
young age will help to instill these habits as they become older.

Dr. Jenny Alexander grew up in Montgomery, graduated from Auburn University, and obtained her medical degree from St. Matthew’s University. She did her Pediatric Residency at Michigan
State University/Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners. She took over Alexander Pediatrics in 2011 from her mother, and has expanded it to include two full time Nurse Practitioners, Michelle Kirkland and Jill Fitch. Alexander Pediatrics is an outpatient practice providing routine and
sick care from newborns to older children.