Ready to welcome a new addition? The River Region is a great place to expand your family!

Top-of-the line birthing centers can be found at Baptist East and Jackson Hospital. Baptist East offers luxury maternity room with comfortable furnishings, premium infant security, and more space than most traditional postpartum rooms. Jackson Hospital puts a special focus on family-centered care, offering a “family zone” in postpartum rooms with comfortable seating and sleeping accommodations.

Certified nurse midwives  (CNMs) have medical training on par with nurse practitioners and are able to deliver your baby at home. Many women choose to place themselves under the care of a midwife instead of a traditional OB-GYN for their pregnancy and birth; midwives often offer expectant mothers a more intimate and empowering birthing experience. OB-GYN Associates of Montgomery is home to two of Alabama’s six CNMs.

Birth photography is becoming increasingly popular. Locally-owned Hello Baby Photography will arrive at the hospital when you are in active labor and stay for up to two hours after your baby is born, capturing each special moment and freeing the family up to support mom instead of worrying about taking pictures.