The good news about Alabama? You CAN have a beautiful lawn- but you have to start with the basics: the soil. Here are some musts for clay lawn soil:

  • Aerate the lawn every spring and fall. Aeration is a process that removes cores of soil from the lawn using a specialized machine. The removal of these cores helps to relieve soil compaction that builds up over time. If your lawn is clay-based, you should aerate at least twice each year.
  • Apply lawn fertilizer regularly.  Clay lawn soil has no inherent nutrients to make grass healthy and green. This means you will need to develop a regular schedule for fertilizing your lawn. It helps to use organic fertilizers, because they increase soil biotics while also feeding the lawn.
  • Irrigate the grass regularly. Clay soil doesn’t hold water well, and it doesn’t drain fast. As a result, the sun will suck any moisture out of the soil on hot days. Your clay-based turf will need regular irrigation. This means watering your lawn two to three times per week for at least an hour in each area.

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Evan Milton, owner of Milton Outdoors, graduated from Auburn University in 2008 with a degree in horticulture. He has extensive experience working with a variety of clients and projects, and believes the first step in any landscape project is a well thought out plan.