Wouldn’t it be nice if life could be put “on hold” after a move so you’d have more time to unpack the truckloads of boxes that have been unloaded at your new place? Unfortunately, work schedules, family responsibilities, and the happenings of life often leave you with little time to get unpacked and organized.

Here are some moving, packing, and unpacking tips from Marche` Johnson, professional organizer and owner of Major Organizers:

  • Pre-plan to save time and money. Only pack items you need, love, and will use at your new home. Take time before the move to declutter while you’re packing, so you don’t have to declutter while you are unpacking! Purge as you pack!
  • Organize your kitchen first. Always. The kitchen is the “heart of the home.” Once it’s unpacked and organized, everything else can be unpacked at a slower pace.
  • Take small steps. Start with one room, and stay on task. Don’t move to another room until you’re finished with the first. Avoid getting overwhelmed- try unpacking one box at a time!
  • Use a professional organizing service. This can be very helpful if you find yourself struggling to plan your move or unpack your new home in an orderly way. The beauty of an organizing service is that they can help you unpack, organize, and get settled in while you worry about other things, like meeting your new neighbors and checking out your new surroundings!

Marche` Johnson is a United States Army Veteran born and raised in Montgomery, AL. She attained the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Army and received her B.S. in Psychology from Troy University. As a soldier, she moved numerous times and learned the importance of staying organized and prepared for each move. Marche` is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and is fully capable of helping you with your move from the very beginning if you need assistance!