Projects around the house can be daunting if you’re not handy, or if you just don’t have the right tools for the job. Local handyman, Handy Hal, weighs in on what you should look for in a handyman, and why some projects are just worth hiring someone else to do.

  • First Things First  Did a friend or neighbor refer the handyman? If not, ask for some referrals of your own. There are tons of scammers out there, and the last thing you want to do is let one of them in or near your home. Referrals are great tools to verify a handyman’s skills and examine his previous jobs, so you’ll know if they will be able to tackle your project. Always be sure to return the favor- if you hire someone who does great work, let your friends and neighbors know about them!
  • Licensed and Insured  Is your handyman licensed and insured? Some aren’t, and that’s okay, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a licensed and insured handyman protects you as the homeowner, so seeking out someone who took the time to get both is a major plus.
  • New to Town? Be sure to ask your realtor or property manager for recommendations. Most of them have a trusted list of workers they can refer you to.
  • To Sum it All Up… Finding a reputable, trustworthy handyman man may be challenging in the beginning, but it’s worth it in the end. Some projects are just too complicated or time intensive to take on yourself. If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to find a handyman you’ll want to keep on speed-dial.

Hal Miniard and his wife, Jina, enjoy living in Montgomery with their son, Holt. Hal has been building and fixing things his whole life. His father was a general contractor in Mobile for 25 years, so early on, he insisted that Hal learn the skills and knowledge needed to do things on his own.  Today, Handy Hal specializes in interior and exterior painting, but does everything from home repairs to landscaping to building services and small renovations. There’s never a job too small or too big. The Know the Community team uses and recommends “Handy Hal” for home repairs—call him at 904-874- 5327 for your next project.