A Church on Every Corner….

In the South, it is often joked that there is a church on every corner.  In your search, it’s important to seek God’s direction as you visit different congregations.  Church is a great place for you to connect to God and a church family in a setting where you can worship Him and serve others.  Below are tips for you to consider:

  1. Look at their Standards of Belief about God, salvation, and eternity.
  2. Examine how the discipleship programs and mission opportunities might meet your entire family’s need to worship, grow, and actively serve.
  3. Determine the style of worship you favor, and whether or not you prefer a small or large group setting. Most importantly, find a place where you can make new friends, belong, and grow spiritually.

    Billy Irvin serves as the Director of Ministry Relations for Faith Radio 89.1 FM, a listener- supported ministry in the community.  Billy and his wife Camilla attend First Baptist Church in Montgomery.