Scottsboro – Unclaimed Baggage Center
Ever wondered what happens to lost luggage? Look no further than Scottsboro, home of the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Approximately 7,000 new items arrive daily, and visitors have a chance to purchase their pick of clothing, electronics, and assorted oddities. Extremely rare finds, such as “Hoggle” from Jim Hensen’s Labyrinth, are on display at the Center’s on-site museum.

Birmingham – Vulcan Statue
Standing tall at 56 feet, Birmingham’s Vulcan is the largest statue ever made in the United States. The statue was created for display at the 1904 World’s Fair, and is meant to resemble the Colossus
of Rhodes. Visitors can take stairs to the very top and gaze over Birmingham.

Selma – Antique Shopping
The best treasure troves can be found in this small, yet world-renowned, city that houses over 1,100 historical structures, with unique trinkets to match. Antique stores can be found dotting the city from downtown to the outskirts. We have found everything from vintage clothing and furniture to a velvet Elvis (yes, we’ve all heard about these, but when have you been able to own one for less than $20?!)

Delta – Cheaha Mountain
Visit the highest point in Alabama (2,407 feet above sea level, to be exact). Take in the gorgeous views, do a little hiking, and take a climb to the very top of Bunker Tower.

Seale- The Museum of Wonder
Interested in all things strange and fantastic? Alabama artist Butch Anthony has filled his old taxidermy shop with original art made of animal bones, rusted metal, and other odd materials.
Take a trip to visit his museum in this 500-square foot cabin- it’s sure to be memorable!

Millbrook- Jackson Lake Island
Step into Spectre, the fictional town custom built for Tim Burton’s film Big Fish. Visitors can explore the movie set on Jackson Lake Island, just outside of Millbrook, for an entry fee of $3 a day. Check out the Jackson Lake Island Facebook page for more info.

Auburn – Chewacla State Park
Located only 40 minutes from Montgomery, this state park features a lake, hiking trails, a waterfall, and campsites. The newest attraction is a mountain biking trail that is used for
recreational and competitive use. The campgrounds book well in advance for the fall as Auburn fans pour in for game weekends.

Cullman – Ave Maria Grotto
Also known as “Jerusalem in Miniature”, the Ave Maria Grotto spans over four acres and features miniature models of more than 125 world-famous locations. Each model was built by Brother Joseph Zoettl, a monk with a severe hunchback, from the 1930s to the 1950s.