Local Restaurants Working for You

During this troubling time, many people are staying refined to their homes and keeping their excursions to a minimum. If you do go out, however, be sure to support your local businesses. These businesses love their locals and run on your contributions. With the new changes threatening to heavily affect the local food chains, please make sure to visit your favorites as opposed to a fast-food joint or mass-market chain. 


10 Things Only Locals Know

Know the Community is all about helping you get connected to your community, and one way is to clue you in on some local knowledge!   


This Weekend: Open Houses

Upcoming open houses in the Montgomery area: 

Looking for a new crib? Moving to Montgomery for the first time and need a place to call home?  

There is no better way to find the perfect house for you and your family than going to the open houses in the area!  


Finding the Right School

One of the most important factors in moving to a new place is finding the right school for your children! 

Montgomery Public Schools is guided by a students-first philosophy. Our mission is to provide safe and caring communities where teachers teach and students learn at higher levels.