We moved to Montgomery

We moved to Montgomery a year ago, and KTC helped us get familiar with the area and find fun activities to do for our family. I look forward to the weekly email and use it to make plans for the weekend!

Jacqueline Chamberlain

A Must Have Staple for Any Montgomery Resident

Know the Community is an Everything You Need to Know Magazine that has it ALL! Clients in our practice can’t wait to get their hands on this magazine as it truly keeps them up to date on everything our community has to offer. Montgomery is fortunate to have an organization that takes the time, energy, and effort required to compile and update this publication. It’s a a quick “go to reference” for the most helpful information. Whether you are new to the community or a life time resident this publication is a MUST HAVE!

Highly Recommended

Know the Community is a great way to let new families in the River Region reach your business. As a new business owner and new Montgomery resident, I think this service is a great way to discover all types of businesses. Kristina Boddie has helped so much along the way and has made the experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend Know the Community if you are looking for a way to market your business.

We have lived in Montgomery

We have lived in Montgomery for 3 years now, but I still look forward to my weekly KTC emails. They are a great way to be “in the know” about what is going on around town. Thanks so much for providing this great resource for those in our community!

Colleen Hawthorne

Still Comes in Handy!

After a week of work, it is always fun to open up my inbox, to see KTC awaiting and telling me what is happening here in our River Region! KTC’s community highlights allow me to plan my family’s weekend and “what we can get into”–especially the free and community-service oriented events. As long as KTC keeps sharing, then I will keep reading! Thank you!

Davida L. Haywood, PhD

The number one best use

The number one best use of my money is Know the Community Newcomer’s Guide. Our phone rings all the time with new clients! We get at least one appointment per day from new families, especially military families. We always ask them how they heard about us. The majority of our new customers say they heard of us through Know the Community. Kristina Boddie is our rep and she is wonderful. If you are looking for a great way to grow your business be sure to get in touch with them. The Barkery and Barks and Rec really benefit from doing business with Know the Community!

Michelle Reeder


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